Selected Honors and Awards

  • CVPR 2018 Best Paper Award for Taskonomy. (ref)
  • NVIDIA Pioneering Research Award 2018 for Gibson Environment.
  • Stanford University Distinction in Research 2018 for Computational Evidence for Structure in the Space of Tasks.
  • Winner of CVPR19 Habitat Embodied Agents Challenge with Mid-Level Representations. (ref)




Internships and Research Positions

Recent Publications

. Taskonomy: Disentangling Task Transfer Learning. In CVPR, 2018. Best Paper Award, Oral, 2018.

PDF Code Dataset Project

. Embodied Real-World Active Perception. In CVPR, 2018.

PDF Code Dataset Project

. Joint 2D-3D-Semantic Data for Indoor Scene Understanding. 2017.

PDF Code Dataset Project


Locality Prior

A wiring cost for neural networks.

Flame Wars: Automatic Insult Detection

Detecting abusive comments with char-LSTMs.


Summarization of Articles using LexRank for Texts via Intermediate Embdedded Representations. Extractive text summarization on the NYT dataset.


I love teaching, and think that it’s an important part of participating in academia.

I have TA’ed:

  • CS331b: Representation Learning in Computer Vision (Fall 2017)
  • CS103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing (Winter 2015)